What is Amnesia?

Amnesia is a shortage in memory caused by neural injury or brain disease, but it may also be caused for the short term by the usage of assorted sedatives and sleeping pills.

What are the Types of Amnesia?

Anterograde type: It is the lack of ability to relocate new facts from the short term store into the long-term store. In this case, people don’t remember things for a long time. This is caused due to alcohol addiction, stroke, and extreme malnutrition.

Retrograde type: It is the loss of potential to restore information that was gained earlier. This is caused by head injury or brain damage.

Post-traumatic type: This is usually due to head trauma

Childhood type: This is usually a lack of ability to remember incidents of a person’s own childhood.

Drug-induced type: Injection of an amnestic drug to |assist a patient to forget surgery or medical procedures.

Dissociative type: It is caused by psychological injury.

Why Amnesia occurs?

It occurs due to brain damage or injury, consuming an unlimited amount of alcohol, certain medication etc.

What Causes Amnesia?

  • Memory loss could be a normal aspect of old age
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleeping issues (Insomnia)
  • Brain trauma or damage
  • Certain pills
  • Long term alcoholism
  • Stroke

What are the Symptoms of Amnesia?

The main symptom is memory loss

  • Short-term memory loss — As a result, many people cannot remember new information. Current memories are most likely to be lost.
  • Isolated memory loss
  • A symptom of retrograde type is past and current memory loss
  • A symptom of anterograde type is unable to form new memories
  • Anoxia – depletion of oxygen level in the brain 

What are the treatments and remedies to cure it?

Although there are no medicines available to cure it.

Emotional support and love as well as medication and psychological treatment have shown effective

There is certain prevention you must take in your livelihood

  • Wear a helmet when you are traveling on a bike
  • Wear safety headgear when you are playing sports
  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated
  • Have healthy diet

When to consult the doctor?

A person who is suffering from memory loss for a long time must seek medical help.

You can check online to find doctors in your area.

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